Friday, August 13, 2010


After reading Nicoles blog today I got to thinking about how different our 2 girls are in their fashion sense.

They are 9 years apart and what was in fashion for Hayley is now different for Erin, but its not just the fashion that changes, the girls have quite different styles.
I've kept all of Hayley's clothes unless they were really worn out and periodically I will go to the storage shed and pull things I know will fit Erin to show her. Invariably she will turn up her nose and shake her head. She just doesn't like them. I now wonder why I am keeping all of Hayley's clothes as hand me downs but I guess I am a slow learner or I just desperately want these clothes to go around again.

Hayley (14) - Grampians
I should have a clean out and just send those clothes to the Op shop now and give up the hope that they will be used again. I should take a critical look at other things I am hanging on to in case they might be useful again. A decluttering is good for us I think but the 'what ifs', the 'I might use that' and the 'I might need it' nagging thought in the back of the mind is powerful.

I bet we all are guilty of this eh?

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  1. Must be the month for a clean out Jo. I sent six - yes SIX - huge garbage bags of clothes off to the opshop the other day. Sadly most of them were mine.....I finally had to admit that by the time I can ever fit back into those size 10 jeans (and many other cute little clothes) not only will they be out of fashion, but the moths will have eaten them! Ah well....on the upside, my wardrobe is looking spacious and clean right now :)