Friday, August 20, 2010

Random ramblings...

Just some random ramblings from my week...

I am thinking...about the food, snacks and drinks all 3 of the children will need tomorrow as they spend the day away from home. Hayley and Erin will be at rehearsals 9-5 and Callum is working 730 - stumps at a local polling booth.

I am thankful...that Erin is improving and her cough is much less now. Time is a great healer, along with Ventolin!

I am comfy trackies which are warm and easy to relax in at the end of a long day and a long week.

I am remembering...some last minute things I need to organise for next Fridays study day. I will be glad when it is done.

I am watch Angels & Demons tonight on DVD. And I WILL remember to take back the DVD on time, seems I have paid too many late fines lately...very forgetful or busy or slack or distracted or something.

I am bake tomorrow, my good intentions for today did not eventuate.

I am reading...just finished one book and wont start another til our holiday break. Looking forward to reading Jessica Watson's adventures on the high seas.

I am hoping...the election tomorrow ends up with a good leader elected...we will see.

On my mind...the family of a grade 3 girl from our school who passed away this week after battling leukaemia. And the family of our 90yo patient who also died. Sad losses for both in their own way.

Noticing...when you get your tax return it instantly disappears  New tyres, a trip to the dentist and some birthdays swallowed it up!

Pondering...whether the 'smart meter' that was installed this week will be better or not. I will have to do some reseach on that one.

From the kitchen...tried some Couscous and Cannelini bean burgers from the latest 'Delicious' magazine for dinner tonight. They weren't bad but need some tweeking with the flavours to spice them up a bit. The bean and potato patties I made from an (old) Womens Weekly booklet were much better and will get a second airing.

Around the house... there is washing hanging all over the place.

One of my favourite things...days off!

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