Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer in Spring...

I went down to watch Erin doing her inter school Summers Sports competition today.

Being that we are only a few days into Spring the weather was always going to be dicey. Melbourne weather is renown for being 4 seasons in one day, & we copped them today.

Erin had 'chosen' cricket by default. She doesn't really like cricket but she didn't like the other choices any better, so cricket it was. To her credit she fielded, bowled & batted like a trooper, the only girl in their team.

I was frozen! Blue skies & sunshine one minute then the wind would pick up & the grey clouds would open up with some sideways rain.
It took me ages when we got home to thaw out.

Note to self: leave a bigger umbrella in the car, throw away the broken one.

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