Sunday, September 13, 2009

The original...

At the 50th birthday party on Saturday night Chris was able to catch up with old friends that he hadn't seen for quite a few years.
Standing around chatting he caught up with the guys he had gone to school with & larked about with as a young man.
Rosebud 35 years ago was a small, quiet place that had boom times in the summer when holiday makers swelled the population.
Many of the friends have stayed on the 'Pen' & had quite a variety of experiences in work & life. We learned that most, if not all, have had multiple partners, marriages & blending of families. Some even hooking up with each others' exes! One 'old friend' was reintroduced to me & responded with "the original wife???".
We were a bit of a novelty in that setting, leading a stable, if not boring, life. We've been married for nearly 25 years & I can say with certainty that we were the only couple there who could say we were still on the first, 'original' marriage.

Maybe moving away has been a good thing.

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  1. Good for you 2 love birds. It's a bit sad to hear about all the goings on just at one party hey Jo? You 2 should be proud of yourself.

    Nearly 25 years - that's fantastic.

    Hope you are well.

    Luv Sandie