Friday, September 25, 2009

Holidays again..

School has been out for one week

It has rained nearly every day...Monday night was a beauty, 24 mls fell here in the Marsh

I have worked so therefore have done not much else

Erin has been bored, just entertaining herself or tagging along with her big sister during the week.

I saw my sister today & she looks pretty good one week on from her surgery, still in a sling but managing left handed remarkably well. Our little sister also visited & she was sporting a few grey hairs from allowing her son to drive the 90 minutes. He hasn't had his 'L's long & it can be pretty nerve wracking supervising especially when the road is windey & today has been pretty bleak & rainy.

He was telling us about an adventure that is about to start for him in November where a team from his school will be pedaling from Darwin to Melbourne in a space shuttle looking vehicle... only 3775 kms!
Looks like a fantastic journey, have a look at the great website they have set up - rode rage.
I hope they get lots of publicity for their cause & 'enjoy' themselves along the way.

I'm on holidays now for a week...any suggestions for cheap ways to entertain a 12 year old???

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