Monday, September 28, 2009

Red shoes...

Today I bought some red shoes...just on a whim. We had gone down to Target to buy Erin some undies & these caught my eye. At just $35 I couldn't pass them up.

Hope they bring me better luck than Lara.

And it is amazing what you find on your camera after you have lent it to your daughter.

Hayley was just mucking about in the city after they had seen a band. Obviously she is a country mouse & finds such old fashioned technology amusing ( we have a total of one phone box in the Marsh). I didn't find it amusing when she pranked me at 11:45!

I didn't find anything incriminating or serious on the rest of the card. We have always said to our kids that they can't do anything without us finding out about it. I thought that was true as long as they stayed in our small town but with Hayley's obsession with photographing everything it may stay true when they venture to the' big smoke'.

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  1. My fave things in the world are red shoes Jo - very noice!!!!!

    Luv Sandie