Friday, December 1, 2017

Quiet times...

For some months I have been experiencing some breathlessness and chest pains while running that I put down to a variety of excuses. Aging, not training hard enough, anxiety were on the top of my list. Once I mentioned it to my GP she set into investigating and ruling out any sinister causes. An initial echocardiogram looked like there was a serious problem so I was ordered not to run long or hard until we had more information. Waiting for the Specialist was hard as I felt my diminishing fitness was on a slippery slope.
Thankfully that the diagnosis in the end was uncontrolled hypertension causing 'stiffness' of the heart which has responded nicely to an increase in medication. I have been given the all clear to push hard again and I have begun the way back to long distance running.
I was very grateful for the expert care of my GP and Cardiologist both of who are also runners so understood my circumstance with a bit more insight.

So I'm back into it but apart from a couple of parkruns the calendar has been a bit bare. A recent planning session saw us tossing up possibilities for 2018 which includes new races we want to try and favourites we want to repeat.

To finish off the year we ran together in AfterGlow last weekend and had a blast. Dressing up, running in the dark along the coast, watching the sunset and mixing with fabulous people is a true "fun run".

fab vollies adding to the fun

start line glowing vibes

Bell's beach to Torquay along the Surf Coast Walk 

12km turned into 13km

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