Monday, December 18, 2017


It certainly has been an event filled year.

I've run on the road and trails. I've been up the top of mountains and run on the beach, I've been rained on and in zero temperatures.  We've camped and travelled and stayed in tents and cabins. I've done about 30 parkruns and clocked up around 900 km on my shoes. That's a bit more than I thought seeing has I had a month off after my surgery and down time getting my blood pressure sorted.
I ran just one marathon and a few half marathons, tried a relay and embraced new friendships within running. We tried some new events and went back to our favourites for another go.

I added 14 bibs to my folder and 10 medals to the rack.

We have our eyes on some new events and longer distances for next year. The planning has begun in earnest over coffees or wine, calendars have the beginning of plans and training plans have been sourced.
There is no stopping us.

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