Sunday, December 17, 2017

Winding up the running year...

Gold Rush Trail Run was my last running event for the year, we will have to try to maintain some training over the next few hot weeks before the events begin again in February.

Monday night I will play in the Melton Twilight Mixed Doubles Grand Final and that will wind up the tennis year also. Not as much tennis as running this year but I still really enjoy playing and our training session each week.

We ran Gold Rush last year and it was worth repeating this year. There was a good turnout of MCR people running in the 2 distances, 13 or 24k. The trail was lovely and quite a challenge and although I was separated from my friends I never felt alone or unsupported on the trail. The volunteers and marshalls would either encourage you by name or just by calling out 'C'mon MCR' and we were all in differing amounts of hurt.

Eddy stopped midway to have a selfie at our start line

hi 5 with Pat to get me to the end

wet feet, a chance to cool off

 Never easy but always worthwhile.

when you're struggling a little encouragement will get you through
It was nice to finish and recap with the group and revel in our accomplishment. I even saw my GP at the finish, she'd had a hard day too. These running friends have come to mean a lot to me and kept me involved with the sport far longer than I imagined.

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