Saturday, June 3, 2017

The trail awaits...

at Mount Macedon.

I'm a little anxious tonight about tomorrow's 21k trail run around the top of the mountain. The race briefing was not reassuring at all and full of don'ts.

Don't go off the path, look for the markers and be aware that sometimes nasty people like to tamper with them. Take a map or use your phone...that may not help me.

my mapping skills are lost, hopefully I wont be also

Don't use the cafe toilet or go for a squat in the bush,,,big no no!

Don't park in an unauthorised they not know the anxieties I have with parking!!! I'm going super early and carpooling.

Don't leave any rubbish behind, not even the tiniest tab off a gel packet, it could jeopardise future events. I'm all on board with this one.

Don't go too quick on the slippery sections, you might fall over. Steer clear of the shiny bits. No danger of my going too quick. Which takes me to the next one...

Don't go too slow or you might get swept up and DNF. I am determined to come home with a medal.

Don't go home without having your number marked off. No timing chip here, a volunteer will mark everyone off, at aid stations and at the finish.

And the weather bureau isn't helping either with a 0 degree forecast, will feel like -6!

It wasn't all doom and gloom though. The positive message was enjoy the view, enjoy the trails, help each other get through. Thank a volunteer. I'm told these trails+ events are well organised and quite a few MCR people are attending and planning a pub debriefing afterwards. Experienced trail runners have given advice about gear and clothing

I read an interesting article today saying that if you voice your concerns or worries, give them a name, then the brain can process them, make sense of them and then you feel better.

Well bring it on, here I come!

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