Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hello there...

Since the last post where I was 14 weeks out from the next marathon and just getting back into running after my surgery, training is back in full swing.

That next marathon is now just 5 4 weeks away.

Long runs have taken over the weekends and events are being ticked off the list. Thanks goodness for my running girls who are keeping me to the plan. Thank goodness also for Melton City Runners and their passion for running which sees me included in their training runs and drills as well. How could I not succeed in such a supportive environment.

Since getting back to running I have been a regular at Wednesday night track sessions and the different drills are pushing me and my fitness and endurance along nicely.

Some hill/mountain training in the You Yangs has pushed my trail fitness along as well.

MCR at the You Yangs

The 'sadddle' - harder than it looks

trialling my new hydration vest at You Yangs parkrun
I was ready for the annual Run 4 Kids run and we dressed up in our bright yellow singlets and ran through the tunnel and over the Bolte Bridge. A bit of rain didn't hamper us too much and shows how hard core we really are.

I busted out a tutu for the first and last time


We worked our way up to be ready for the first half marathon of the year at the Werribee Mansion. It was a hard morning and showed we still had a long way to go.

And more recently we travelled down to the coast to run along the Great Ocean Road. We again camped at Kennett River. This time Melissa had her new tent to try out and we experienced foxes in the campsite overnight, and we kept awake by human and animal noises for a lot of the night. But in the morning a glorious sunrise greeted us and set the mood for the day.

The weather gods were kind to us again, even though the doomsayers had delighted in telling us in the lead up week that Victoria was expecting a months' worth of rain in 3 days. We were not happy with this prediction. Running in the rain isn't a problem but camping and getting ready in the rain would not have been fun. But it turned out to be fine and even sunny at the end. Similar to last year the night was mild and the camping was fine. We are learning something each year but still haven't learned out to pack lightly.

start line smiles

finish line smiles

The 23km was a beautiful run, its a tough one but well worth the effort. The girls finished ahead of me but I was more than happy with my run. We were all happy with our performance and effort. We then lingered after the race to relax and have coffee and food and to watch the marathoners and ultra runners finish their races.

I was determined to catch up with unsporty woman. I saw Annie finish her marathon and when I talked to her she was in that 'I've just run 44km and I can't think straight' fog so we chatted for a few minutes and then she was on her way to hydrate, rest and find her crew. I'm so glad I was able to meet her and a shame I didn't get a pic, oh well next time.

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  1. So good to read that you're back into it Jo. I can only imaginehow tough it must be to get back into running after surgery! Thanks so much for your cheering. Where would we be witbout those wonderful angels we meet through runng? Xxxx