Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tough trail report...

the mountain beckons

I did the toughest trail so far in my running journey. 21.6km along the trails of Mount Macedon. The day started out freezing cold but clear and frosty. I chipped the frost off my car to head to Gisborne to meet up with a fellow MCR runner who happens to have the same parking anxieties I do and was happy to carpool early.

freezing conditions
We made it in good time and got one of the few good car parks remaining. Lots of runners had our same thought and had arrived early also. But we managed to miss having to use the bus shuttle which turned out to be running late so our start was delayed 15 mins until they arrived. Our early arrival meant we could warm up with a coffee, get our bibs and not have to queue too much for the toilet. It was really frosty and we tried to find a patch of sunshine to keep warm(ish).

when you are so cold you don't care what you look like
MCR crew all doing different races

The first 3-4 km were what they call 'technical' not very steep rather undulating but rocky. It was one of these little rocks that tripped me up at the 2k mark and I fell.Luckily no injury just a bit of mud on my hands and knees and on I went. The trails were beautiful, ferny and covered with leaf litter. Most of the field charged ahead and I had to give way to runners belting back on the narrow trail. We climbed up to the lookout and I paused to take in the view and get my breath back.

There were many challenges, steep slippery descents, steep slippery ascents (I couldn't get up one particularly slippery section without grabbing a stick to help me get some traction), lots of up and down but I pushed on with my mantra of 'do your best' in my head.

As the morning progressed members of the public started appearing on the trails and in the picnic grounds that we passed through. As I ran through I suddenly heard a women shouting NO NO, STOP and COMEBACK!  I then heard the sound of dogs running up behind me and I was frightened what might happen when they caught me. She struggled to get control of the dogs, they were in for a big run.

I heard of one person behind me getting lost and I nearly did too.

some of the markings were not so obvious
But I managed to stay on track and finish in 4 hours. Not the fastest time but I was never going to win. Today was all about the massive challenge and finishing. All the MCR crew were happy with their efforts and as always it is an amazing feeling to be cheered on by your squad.

So it was eventful day including a fall and being chased by dogs, eek and tonight I am pretty tired and a little sore but looking ahead to the next challenge.

Edited to add these photos, taken by a lovely Mum who passed the time waiting for her daughter to run the 50k race by taking just about everyone's photo. Thankyou  Michelle Knoll

at the start

nearly there, close to the finish

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  1. Wow Jo that looks tough, freezing and just so pretty. Very well done!!!!!