Sunday, September 4, 2016

6 weeks to go...

Training has been going well in its all consuming way.

We have had several long runs with the Melbourne Marathon training group, which has been a great way to push ourselves. 29k last Sunday and another 24 today. We start in the city and run from anywhere to the Zoo or Sandringham and have been picking up tips from the pacers and other runners. The paths are very busy with fellow runners, lots of cyclists and people out and about enjoying the city. It makes it a bit challenging dodging and weaving but we get to cover new territory and follow the marathon route which will be a bit of an advantage for the event.
Next up is a couple of longer runs before the taper.  We've been putting in about 50k per week and feeling like we are better prepared than previously.
Chris is getting used to the weekends being dominated by long runs or overwhelming fatigue. My battle with my uterus will continue until after the marathon is done, then I'll have to have an enforced hiatus and then back into new challenges next year.

But right now I'm really looking forward to the taper.

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  1. Sounds like training is going well. I really like the idea of training with the Melbourne Marathon group. That would be so good. Happy tapering!!! I'll be cheering for you Jo x