Saturday, September 24, 2016

Nearly over the hump...

We have nearly reached the pinnacle of training for the marathon. Just 3 weeks left to get those k's in our legs and I'm happy to report that after 5 weeks of down time our Mel is back running with us.
Running Buddy had a change of scenery and ran in the Sydney Running Festival and refreshed her joy of running. Without her I slipped off the plan a bit and waited for her return to hit the road again. A brisk 10k walk with Big Sister was a lovely way to spend the day, with a break for a cafe lunch, but did not add to the km tally for the week. Wet weather in Melbourne had put me off as well.

I need to harden the F up and get on with it.

So we planned to do 34kms along the beach front for our longest run. We all had Monday off so set off to get it done. It was hard. I only got 32 done and Mel back from injury hiatus put us to shame and busted out a 33. I was cross with myself for thinking I could be out running for nearly 4 hours and not get sunburnt and now have a patchwork of differing shades of red skin for my neglect. I was exhausted at the end and sat in a Port Melbourne cafe unable to choose something to eat and drink. The young waitress was very unimpressed by my lament of  'we've just run 32k and can't decide...'

Since then I have run another 2 x fast 8k and attended the You Yangs parkrun launch this morning.

MCR at the You Yangs

this is the kind of running I enjoy and I know I will enjoy running again when this hard slog part of training is done.

Tomorrow is another 28k with the training group and then the tapering begins!

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