Monday, August 22, 2016

Post Olympics post...

I love watching the Olympics, even for sports I don't normally follow. Watching a highly trained athlete push themselves to the limit to finish is awe inspiring.
I was mesmerised by the marathons and distance races, marvelling at the quick pace they set. I got teary watching replays of great finishes and cheered on Chloe Esposito in her Decathlon gold each time I saw it.
These athletes are the best in the world and to see someone come in 7th when they had given their all is still winning in my book.
It has been inspirational for me as well to keep training to reach my goal, just when I needed a boost. The time I put in is not insignificant for me but does not compare with the 4 year commitment the Olympians have made, so I will push on til October to get it done.

Our #teamJAM is a little fractured at the moment with Mel out with injury that hopefully will not keep her out too much longer. Running Buddy and I have been going out regularly to do tempo runs, fartlek, hill sprints and long runs. We did Parkrun twice on Saturday, a quick one and a long one doing 23k all up. Social engagements have meant we haven't been able to get back to the city on Sundays or enter events to keep us going.

But I think we are on track for our own gold medal.

and I had an opportunity to purchase this bike on Saturday from a friend who is upgrading so I will be able to add some cycling to my training

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