Saturday, March 29, 2014

The pain of not running...

Last week at Cardio Tennis I felt a sharp pain in my calf as I ran across the court. I felt it as a 'ping' and it stopped me in my tracks. I hobbled off and sadly made my way home to get some ice. An Ultrasound revealed a grade 1 tear to the unpronounceable gastrocnemius muscle.

Now it seems that when you have one of these injuries everyone you talk to has had experience with it. And everyone has their opinion on treatment and length of abstinence from activity. Of course I did the R.I.C.E. treatment and avoided H.A.R.M.(heat, alcohol, running, massage) and consulted Dr Google (sports medicine). Each day has been better and after one week of walking only I am looking to get back into my activities. I keep looking for the shortest answer when I am searching the length of time to rest.
Its similar to the drug clearance chart I see at work. This chart shows the different times it takes for a clean urine after drug use. For example for marijuana it says 1-7 days but to assume it is the longer time not the shorter one, there are lots of factors which influence the clearance - weight, frequency of use, dose etc. That is the advantage of sharing an office with the Drug & Alcohol Counsellor on a Monday ... I know things.

On Saturday for the Debut I was determined for the injury not to hamper my night out. Luckily wearing heels was less painful than having my foot flat on the floor. My dance moves were not discernibly different.

When I read or hear 1-3 or 4 or 6 weeks of rest I assume one. I want it to be one. Having to miss runs or training or getting someone to replace me is as painful as my calf.

Today was the first pain free day with walking so I am even keener to try it out with a run but  Google Physio says I should be able to hop pain free before going back to running . Tomorrow I am going to try hopping and if that is good I am going to stretch stretch stretch and try a run.

The school holidays coming up is a forced break from tennis and Pilates and if I wasn't so impatient I would hold off running til Term 2 as well but if I start back too soon I will just have pain and the doomsayers will be proved correct in their prediction of a longer recovery. I am trying to be good and to do the right thing but it's hard.

Wish me luck (& patience)

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