Saturday, March 8, 2014

River run...

Here is a race recap that I mentioned in the last post.

Running Buddy and I had a lovely Sunday run.

Nothing unusual about that.

But it was the nicest run I have had in a while. A run that makes all the training worthwhile. Running Buddy is battling plantar fasciitis so did not have as much fun as I did.

Along the banks of the Barwon River we ran 10kms in just over 1 hour. Our family has previously ridden bicycles along this route so I had an idea of the course before we set off. The undulating track winding beside the river was lovely to run on and the field wasn't too big.
The day was perfect...clear and mild
 The track had some recent flood damage that was hastily cleaned up before we got there.

 Lots of people were wearing this Rivers gift blue singlet. I supported the cause by purchasing one for our next run. Without any prior discussion Running Buddy and I will turn up to run in matching outfits. Of all the singlets we have accumulated in our running the odds of this happening seem remote but keep on happening.
 Other people were supporting a cause close to their hearts.

It was a golden day.

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