Saturday, March 22, 2014

Colour Run

I wanted to do an activity with Erin that involved some physical activity. We decided on doing a Color Run together. I have done one in the past and had loads of fun and because I knew there was no pressure on Erin to run the whole event it was perfect for us.

We picked up our packets from Albert Park on the Saturday and I should have had a clue as to how busy it was going to be on Event day but I was still astounded at the turnout. We dressed the part in our shorts and white (supplied) T-shirts and fronted up to Albert Park for some colourful fun. We trammed it to the Lake and was squashed in with hundreds of others with the same good idea. Once we got off the tram we headed straight to the start chute. Waiting for our turn to start took about 20 minutes but with about 20,000 other participants that wasn't so bad.

While waiting giveaways were thrown into the crowd. I managed to catch a frisbee but then had to carry it the rest of the day.

With so many people in the event we gave up any pretence of running and just strolled along enjoying the atmosphere and the fun, we got caught up in it, it was hard not to.

We had a good day and I loved having a day out with my girl doing something a bit different.

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