Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dear Hayley- Debut edition...

Dear Hayley,
Prepare to be bombarded with photos from Erin's deb. We missed having you in our family group on the night and we talked about you often. But the night was a fabulous success and we all had a great night.

First the preparation

Louise made the dress and I helped at the end with a little sewing, she was amazing at adapting the pattern to Erin's vague specifications, making suggestions and making Erin's little sketch into reality.

Erin followed in the family tradition of feeling faint when standing up on the table having the hem levelled and changing her mind during the making process. In the end she was thrilled with the result and it turned out just how she wanted (just like you did).

On the day we had a hair appointment, I remember you had to work at the supermarket before you had your hair done before your deb. I took photos which she reluctantly suffered.

the first bun was too skinny, so was re-done

version number 2

When we got home she still wasn't completely happy with the look so pulled a few more strands out and then did a lovely job on her makeup.

Liam arrived with his mother and sister so it was time for some more snaps

Then we went across the road to meet up with the other couples and to see them off.

They set off at about 230pm to go and have the photos and rehearsal. Erin was excited and nervous at the same time. Liam is such a nice young man.

Dad and I drove over and Callum followed on his bike so he could leave when he'd had enough

 When we got there the 6 of us were joined at the table by Liam's family of 4. They turned out to be really nice people as well and it all worked out nicely. Erin couldn't have picked a nicer partner and it made the night even better.

Mr Neal made his usual speech and Micheal Love was the MC. I wasn't in the best spot for photos of the presentation but here it is

Orange gerberas and yellow roses

 Dad made a big fuss of his dance but I'm sure he loved it, he was very proud.

 Liam did a good job, didn't stand on her feet or drop her in the lifts.

 They had fun with the informal dancing after the official part and I even had a dance or 2.
My injured calf was better with the high heels and I was able to walk normally and dance away, one with Louise, Olivia and Elizabeth, the rest with Liam's mother and sister. I complimented them on what a nice lad Liam was and of course they said similar things about Erin. He gave her a nice bracelet as a thankyou and I think he was pleased with her gift of a cuff/bangle thing.

There was no 'after party' to go to so Emma came home with us and slept over. They have been to Laura's for an 'after BBQ' today and from the noise it seemed the good times continued today. For all the grizzling some parents did about it being a 'dry ' night it all went off really well.

When I came home I got out your deb album and had a little reminisce over your photos. I will have to do a similar album for Erin and I have plenty of fodder to do so.

I hope this has not been too long or too much data for you to view. Erin now has these memories that you also have.

Love you, safe travels in the next part of your adventure, Mum

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