Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Somewhere in Spain...

Hayley has sent me some photos which I will share.

She met up with Backpacker Boy somewhere in Spain, she tells me it was hot & they had fun scrambling over rocks & discovering waterfalls. The water was refreshingly cold in the heat and she really enjoyed this time together.

Who wouldn't enjoy this view?

I got quite a newsy email with details about the fire festival, maraca concert and this rock climbing expedition. Easier for her to type & upload photos from his laptop while they were together. She has gone back to the family & he to the farm for a few more weeks. Things can be a bit mundane between outings.

Back at home, we have begun our half marathon training. No languishing & enjoying the moment post Run Melbourne, just hard slog for the next 10 weeks. I tried a swim yesterday on my day off to stretch out some different muscles. It was lovely day off yesterday and I felt very productive after my swim & did housework & baking after that.

I have a few ideas for layouts with Erin's school photos in and now updates from Hayley. If she can tell me where these places are the pages will come together nicely

I got my racquet restrung with the 'big banger' strings & played with it last night. Well worth the $50 it cost, I played really well after I adapted to the increased power. Watch out girls (& boys) here I come!

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