Thursday, July 11, 2013

Baby its cold...

on this side of the world anyway.

We have had very chilly mornings and days. If you find a nice spot in the sun out of the wind you can warm your bones, otherwise the heater has been cranked up.

Hayley has been telling me she is warm, spending time in the Spanish sun. The family she is staying with have been very good to her and when they picked her up from the Reus airport they spent the weekend at a local resort.

her accommodation looks very much like this

and she has been finding funny things like this

I have been chatting to her everyday on Viber. She has been telling me how Carme (the host mother) has included her in family outings to the grandparents home, trips to the beach to see fireworks and a confetti festival. She has been earning a little money teaching English to some adults. She is yet to meet up with Backpacker Boy in Spain, he is about an hour away on a farm and his duties there have prevented them from exploring Spain together but Carme is doing a good job.

Meanwhile at home we have been doing very mundane things while Erin has been on holidays. 3 weeks is nearly up. We did manage a trip to the Melbourne Zoo and saw some changes since the last visit. We saw the baby elephant tentatively making his way around their enclosure with the other elephants. And it was the first time we had seen the new seal/fairy penguin enclosure. If we had waited a day we could have been at the Zoo coinciding with Chris' charter.

Other than some trips to the shops and training for Run Melbourne, we have been doing a whole lot of nothing, which is nice way to spend a holiday.

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