Sunday, July 21, 2013

Run Melbourne...

Today was race day.

Running Buddy & I have had haphazard training for this event. Training that was interrupted by her wedding & moving houses. Interrupted for me by Hayley's departure, a sore hip and bad weather (who wants to run in the rain?). Nevertheless our sporadic training culminated in a fantastic day.

I wasn't terribly excited by the forecast and yesterday was freezing cold and rained all day. But this morning it was clear, nary a cloud in sight, very little wind but still cold.

I drove into the city and into my pre booked Wilson parking space at Eureka, very close to the start area. As you know parking is a great source of stress for me, so when I stumbled upon this Book a Bay facility I was both excited and relieved. You can go on line, pick the carpark you need, put in your enter & exit times and pay. For today's parking in a guaranteed spot I only paid $5.50. I will do this again, it was brilliant. Not only the price but the surety of a place was so good.

 The race itself was a fabulous course around Melbourne, part of it past the Shrine of Remembrance, the Tan, along the Yarra and past the MCG to finish at Birrarung Mar. Running Buddy had a goal of doing the 10km in 60 mins (well we both did) but she managed it and I was a few minutes behind her, finishing in 1:04:30. I was happy with that result, I'm not sure I can go any faster and also not sure if I want to. My hip doesn't want to.

 We both finished up with a medal that very nicely sums up the day.

Remember this moment 
You've earned it

Our next goal is the half marathon in mid October. I keep reminding her that I will be 50 at that time so am not looking to set any pace records. Just finishing that will be my goal. We have to put lots more k's on our legs before then.

But for now I am going to revel in the achievement of today.

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