Sunday, March 11, 2012

My girls home...

Erin is back in the fold. She spent many hours on the bus & headed straight to the pantry & the shower. These are the things you crave when you are not in your own environment. She had a really good time in Canberra, loved the War Memorial, Questacon & the National Museum but thought that Parliament House was unnecessarily fancy.

They stopped at Holbrook to have a break. We have fond memories of that little town. It is a popular spot to have a break being midway between Melbourne and Sydney/Canberra. Holbrooks claim to fame is a very large submarine parked in a reserve. And it became a very large bonus in a family travel game.

When we journeyed as a family to Sydney and beyond, we devised this game to occupy the many hours we spent in the car. Basically it is a spotting game where you earn points for every item you spot. Cows and sheep are worth 1 point as they are very common. A caravan on the road is worth 10 points and if that van had bikes or a boat attached was worth double points. A camel was worth 50 points (although we did not see such an animal we did have to pay Erin spotting a 'Thirsty Camel' bottle shop on one of our trips). Road kill was worth 10 points, hitchhikers 100 (we have never got any points for hitch hikers, none to be seen on our routes), an abandoned trolley also 100 points (they are rarer than you would first think). Points were also awarded for trains and kudos if you saw the ocean first. The driver often got the most points as they spend the most time awake. Chris wanted to know how many points for a tank and then the submarine we never imagined we would see in our travels.
Even now when it is just Erin & I travelling the game goes on.  I will have forgotten about it and she will call out 'caravan' and it begins again. We have long forgotten to keep score. I still chuckle to myself about the submarine.

While Erin has been away I bought a tent for ourselves, celebrated my nieces birthday on her exeat, ventured out for my first run having waited out my 2 & half week enforced hiatus and scrapped a few more pages.

number 12

Just have to gear myself up to go back to work on Tuesday

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