Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Being blind isn't funny...

I was just reading Amy's post about her crooked glasses and it made me chuckle. Not that needing to wear glasses is funny but it reminded of recent events.

Firstly after my op I must have bent my glasses too. I need them to read. I read for about 4 hours lying on a trolley waiting to go in. I didn't read again until I was at home recuperating but since then the glasses dont sit straight and it's a bit disconcerting.

Secondly, while I was out with Big Sister at the Caravan & Camping Show, I wanted to read something and she whipped out her glasses for me to use. Her glasses are also a bit wonky, and not the strength I need, and the lens fell out. This apparently is a common occurrence and she was prepared with a tiny screwdriver to repair them on the spot. Except the spot she chose to use was covered in a perforated matting and the tiny screw holding the whole thing together pinged off never to be seen again. But foolishly we thought between the pair of us, with our dodgy non assisted vision, that we would find that screw. We didn't.

Losing focus is no fun.

Another disconcerting thing happened today.

I have been waiting for a letter from our niece. I might have mentioned that once or..twenty times. So today I received something I was not expecting at all. Instead of the aforementioned missive, that has I've been told has been posted, I got a licence renewal licence for...our mother. Our mother has been dead for 7 years and this must be one thing we forgot about or overlooked or didn't even think about. Our address was put on it because of her car & I remember the day we went in together for that last renewal. I even made a cheeky comment about needing a 10 year renewal back then. She would have been 82 this year but if she had been in good health she would have still been driving, she loved her car and to drive.

Good to know she hasn't accumulated any demerit points in that time.

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