Friday, March 9, 2012

International Womens Day...

Some things are not well advertised or I'm not paying attention. Yes I'd heard lots about Joseph Kony but nothing about it being International Womens Day. The 'International' moniker suggests that it was a world wide event. I only knew about it when my lovely daughter texted me to wish me a happy one with an addition about how much she admires me. I was really touched and responded with how proud she makes me and what a lovely woman she is turning into.

When I went to the website I found lots of information including this graph. No surprise Australia has the lowest bar for events.

Fittingly though I spent the day doing something I wanted to and spent the day with my sister, another spectacular woman. Otherwise it was a day spent mothering  2 of our 3 children plus one girlfriend. Erin is in Canberra and is apparently incommunicado.

Did you celebrate IWD?

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