Sunday, June 19, 2011

In contrast...

In contrast to last weekend this one has been very productive.

I am over my cold so was able to hit the track and get some exercise, not back to full running but huffing and puffing was involved.

We also got out into the backyard and continued with the clearout that the bobcat started on Friday. Yesterday we went over to a display village to check out the landscaping to get some ideas. It was a bit of fun on a Saturday afternoon as we are not looking for a new house and I'm glad we're not as nearly all the houses had big flaws design elements that would not suit us. I have ideas for the back yard and am looking forward to them coming together.

I also got some baking and cooking done...shanks, pasta bake, broccoli and leek soup, and a ginger and lemon slice. I just need a fairy to come and clean up afterwards for me.

Then there is always washing and the 'playing with the washing'. In winter the washing always needs to be done but the frustrating part is where you hang it out, shift it around when it rains, rotate it through an airer or two then give up and put it in the dryer. Then ironing comes after that.

I did have some down time, watching a couple of DVDs.


It wasn't bad but not the best movie I've ever seen. I didn't realise it was an Australian production and while the action was good, some of the acting was a bit wooden. Erin had chosen it, as her favourite movie is 'Avatar' and James Cameron had produced this one. I think he should have had more input.

We also borrowed 'Little Fockers' which was very predictable and raised barely a smile and 'Love and other impossible pursuits' with Natalie Portman. This was quite a sad movie but worth watching.

I think I need to go back to work to have a rest.

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