Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hello possum...

Chris & I went shopping today to pick up some gifts for Erin's birthday on Monday. I still can't think of her as a teenager let alone a 14 year old.

Whilst out shopping I took the opportunity to get Chris in to a menswear shop. I have been trying to get him a new jumper for ages now, the thick, pure wool one he has been wearing for the last 15 years has nearly worn through at the elbows and is starting to fray at the cuffs. I have a lovely photo of him holding a newborn Erin in that same jumper. It has been a great warm jumper but it was time for it to be replaced.

Chris wanted something equal to this old favourite and to his credit tried on many in the Messer & Opie store. This particular menswear shop is of the old fashioned variety selling good quality items as well as school uniforms to the farmers of Ballarat for generations. We found a really nice charcoal coloured, thick, soft and warm jumper and I was happy that I can now stop searching for one

It wasn't until I was pulling the tags off at home that I realised that the wool blend is 48% possum!  I know that New Zealanders hate possums but I didn't know they were turning them into garments (check out their lovely range).  I hope it withstands all the hugging for the next 15 years.

I'm going to snuggle up to Possum man now and share in the warmth

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