Friday, June 24, 2011

Favourite fashion Friday...

I see lots of blogging girls are doing 'What I wore Wednesday' and I thought I would like to join in. But I did think you would get a bit bored seeing me in my uniform each Wednesday. So my take on this is going to be my favourite outfits on a Friday. Fridays are my days, I like to head out on a Friday and save the housework etc for Saturdays.


Knit tunic by Ping Pong
'I love Billy' black boots
soft red scarf from Myer
black leggings

ps: it took Erin about 20 shots to get this less than perfect shot, is there ever the 'perfect' shot?

Finished a couple of layouts at Big Sisters while I was all dressed up today, the inspiration for the first layout came from the website 'Dear photograph'. I haven't used the photography idea but liked the idea of addressing the photograph itself. I found a photo from my childhood that was meaningful to me and came up with this layout.

The journalling reads...Dear Photograph, when I look at you I don't remember this day at the beach in Qld specifically, I just remember a loving father & a happy childhood.
This one, also from my childhood, was originally going to be amongst montage of a few photos I had printed of myself wearing a  variety of silly hats but have since decided to do them singly.

This journalling reads I don't remember where I was going to be wearing such a special Hat.

Bit of a theme happening here with me not remembering stuff, and not having anyone who does remember to fill in the blanks. Thats where the journalling becomes so important.

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