Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend edition...

I have saved a couple of layouts to share, waiting for some good weather to photograph. I have a special spot at the front, outside where I get good natural light to take the pics. We haven't had much good weather lately, its been overcast, windy or wet. But here they are...

I wanted to call this one 'Don't forget you're 50!' but decided to go with...

Quite simple & I'm still not sure if I will add anything more to it. It might just stay like this until something takes my fancy.

This one is for my album from Erin's recent school photos

And one for Callum

Not exactly smiling but very Cal

This one for Erin's album of her & Olivia at the Gorge

It's nice they are so close.

Looks like I have been really busy but in reality not much is happening around here. I made a chicken & almond dish in the slow cooker which was nice but a bit bland, the family don't want that again unless I mix it up somewhat. 
I watched the George Clooney movie 'Up in the air' last night, which was quite good & the ending was not what I was expecting...worth a look.

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  1. I have heard hear that "Up in the Air" was very good - must watch it one day!! I watched "I am David" last night and no matter how many times I watch it I have tears by the end.

    Love these pages.