Saturday, July 31, 2010


The weekend in pictures...

Pancakes made in the waffle maker. We have been experimenting with different waffle mixes but they all turn out a bit heavy, so we tried the Pancake Parlours' pancake mix which turned out pretty well.

The girls had rehearsals and a publicity performance at the 'old folks home', from all accounts the show is progressing well.

To fundraise for the show the girls had to each sell a box of fundraising chocolates which I sold pretty quickly at work. These are the last of the goods which have not proved very popular...pineapple Freddos!

I did the usual washing

Chris put up a sensor light

And I sat in the sun, drank a cup of coffe, and enjoyed the view

I also baked

some delicious buttery jammy biscuits

and a sultana cake

I had to use up some sultanas. For some reason I thought I had none, then when I cleaned out the pantry I realised I had 3 packets of sultanas, so then went in search of a recipe to use up some of them.

For a weekend where I thought I wasn't doing much there is more achieved than you realise.

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  1. what a great series of photos. Those delicious buttery jammy biscuits look really nice and no thanks to the pineapple freddy frogs I only eat the carmello ones!! And too wet for washing in my part of the world.