Sunday, July 18, 2010


It always surprises me when you come across someone in your day to day life who is extraordinary. Aren't these people just on TV, popping up a news story or in the newspaper?

I've come across an extraordinary man who is doing extraordinary work. Peter Moore is a nurse/midwife who has set up a charity project in Cambodia and is assisting the empoverished with housing, medical care, education and food provision (to name just a few).

He used to work at our Hospital and being a male midwife was fairly unusual, but there was more to Peter than I realised.Since 1997 he and his wife have been working to provide assistance and they now live in a village compound in Phum Veal doing their work full-time.
They have a clinic underneath their house, seeing patients at all times of the night and day.

And even stretching his skills to non-human deliveries

Our way of life seems over regulated, indulgent and sanitised when we hear of the conditions these people live in. Not good enough for our Western standards but is very heartening to see the difference a little financial assistance can make when passionate people like Peter are involved.

The staff at our hospital had a fundraiser on Friday night to raise some money for the Four Winds Cambodia Project by having a Christmas in July celebration. We had a very enjoyable evening, lovely food and I was able to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while. One of our medical staff gave a presentation on his trip to visit Peter and his project, which was very enlightening on just what the conditions are like for him. We all wanted to open our wallets just a little more after that.

If you want to see more about Peter's project and you are on Facebook, he has a page called Friends of Four Winds Cambodia Project. There is much more to it than I have touched on here.

And lastly a photo that Peter took in Phnom Penh


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