Saturday, July 17, 2010

The English visitors...

Chris' immediate family all live in every corner of the country. From Toowoomba across to Perth & down in Hobart & a few places in between. His extended family stayed in England, Manchester to be precise & all live within  coowee of each other  (except one cousin who now lives in Aberdeen).

So it a big deal if any of them cross the ocean to catch up whilst they are travelling. This family left a sunny & warm English summer to visit chilly ol' Melbourne in winter.

They have been staying in Rosebud and met us in Queenscliff, coming across the Bay on the ferry.

Chris got to catch up with his cousin Kevin,
sitting in the sun at a lovely cafe at the quay at Queenscliff. We hadn't seen this area before, they have developed a new area at this end & we were suprised to see the new cafes & shops there. The weather was perfect, cool but sunny. It was a great spot to start the reunion (& do a bit of shopping).
Laura & Colette
Callum & Hayley
Mena in the orange coat
Hayley took loads of photos
and we all had a really nice day

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