Thursday, March 18, 2010


With the warm weather we have been having lately plus the downpour of rain it has been perfect conditions for...

millipedes & spiders & mosquitoes oh my!

I have killed many huntsmen spiders & swept up loads of millipedes. The millipedes give me the creeps. They crawl up onto the celling & when you are least suspecting they drop down on you. And they are crunchy underfoot which gives me the willies as well.AND you can't go out after dark without being eaten alive by the mossies.

I feel like we are under seige by the micro population.

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  1. We have had good rains this year and I have noticed an increase in flies and mossies and we are struggling to reduce numbers. I don't sit outside at night otherwise I am attacked - and I don't like using the spray all the time, I'n sure it isn't heathly.

    Many of friends are getting 100's of millipedes, so far we haven't seen any. Thankfully.

    You can keep the spiders......