Friday, March 26, 2010

Public transport...

Two trips recently on public transport have not done anything to sway my opinion of it all. I am a car driver. I like to drive, I like my car & I love the independence of it, at the end of the day I am in charge of myself.

Last week I went into the big city to attend a study day, the train travel was pretty straight forward but a bit of motion sickness means I can't read or concentrate on anything like texting. I just look out the window, so pretty boring, I just keep thinking how glad I am not to have to do it everyday. The city was very busy & waiting around for trains isn't how I like to fill in time.

Today I probably should have stayed at home.

The train was full before it got to our station. An overhead message offers me a bus direct to the terminal station but I need to get off & connect with a bus before that. I hate buses, they make me sicker than trains, so I get on a standing room only train, connect with the bus & make it to the forum on time.
On the way home the entire train is cancelled & my only option is another bus!

Not happy Jan.

Now I am home & enjoying a nice cup of tea, secure in the knowledge I don't have to catch any more forms of public transport for some time.

To put my woes in perspective though, today I met a man with a small baby from a remote part of Australia who was off to RMH to visit his wife who was in ICU & had been flown down via Alice Springs/Adelaide in a critical condition. It was a very interesting conversation, he is a RN working with Aboriginal people & their diverse health needs & his wife was severely injured whilst holding the baby who also sustained a broken wrist. He had driven for hours & hours to be in Melbourne with her, he wasn't complaining about todays full train, that would just be me.


  1. Hmmm, life has a way of making us realise that we ain't got it so bad......still, sounds like your trip was pretty taxing. I'm doing a couple of days in at the ANF in May and was planning on catching the train in. Hope my journey is smoother than yours - otherwise I might just cry. I'm not good with stress you know.
    Been thinking of you and yours Jo. Hope you're all doing fine and well. Lots of love to you. xxx

  2. Hi Jo - public transport is a problem in most capital cities in this country - I am sure it can't be that hard to get it right!! I live in Canberra and the Greens are encouraging us all to ride bikes to work - firstly it would take me hours just to get to work (then die at my desk) but how do I get my groceries home and all the other things I do. not very practical for working mums!!

    Love your blog