Monday, March 15, 2010

Brave girl...

Erin had to overcome her fear of speaking for herself in an audition. She really wants to be in the local amateur theatre company production of 'Oliver!'. Hayley will be playing in the ensemble again & Erin decided she wants in too. But to do so she had to audition!

In the first attempt she was paralysed with fear & could not sing in front of the audition panel (4 people, 2 of whom she did not know at all) or play out the lines she had memorised. She was able to complete the dance part because that was done in a small group. The director was gracious enough to let her re-audition after another weeks preparation.
I am sure she can perform once the rehearsals begin, she has danced & sung in Calisthenics, junior choir, J-Rock & dance recitals. She has also had several gradings in Karate in which she had to show she had the goods.

But it was the solo singing that had her really rattled. To her credit after the week was up, she had prepared the ditty 'Heads shoulders knee & toes...' in Japanese. On Sunday morning it looked like the nerves were going to get the better of her again but she was able to go through the audition & they were pleased with the effort she put in.

We'll hear in April if she got in. Being in the production will be really good for her, to extend & challenge her & help her overcome this perception that something terrible will happen to her if she speaks up.

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