Monday, March 29, 2010

Time warp...

Still very involved/consumed in mapping the family tree. I figured out that my current obsession with it is because it is very like doing a jigsaw puzzle, and I love puzzles.

Adding another birth, death & marriage from the historical indexes is like adding another piece of puzzle. Sorting through the entries to make matches, following leads & sometimes coming to a dead end is both interesting & frustrating.

But making the lists of dates is not enough for me. I want to know about these ancestors lives. Why did they emigrate (predominantly from the UK), what was the journey like for a convict (!) in the 1840's. What prompted them to move to outback Queensland.
I know conditons would have been tough but did they have joy in their lives? Were they content? Or did just getting by have to be enough. Infant mortality is common, causes of death like miners phthisis, apoplexy & cancer of the stomach pop up like red flags. How much did they know about cancer in the 1860's, what did that poor woman endure before dying in an 'asylum'.

So...some questions answered but lots left unanswered, my detective work continues.

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