Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tie dye...

Erin has wanted a tie dye T-shirt for ages & I haven't been able to find one. So today we got a white T, some rubber bands & torquoise dye & made our own.

We were very pleased with the results of our first effort.

Then we whipped up some chocolate chip cookies.

And now the house has been invaded by 3 big boys. They seem to take up a lot of space around the computer as they record the vocals onto the tracks Cal has recorded. Not my choice of music but they are happy with the way it is coming together.

One of their songs will be called 'Pulmonary oedema' !!!! Not sure if they even know what that is, maybe its better that way.


  1. cool t-shirt! would love to have go at that it just regular dye (ie from supermarket..dylon)..the bikkies look yummo too :)

  2. the dye we used was from Spotlight, a brand called iDye by Jacquard, as it was the only one in torquoise, the other packs we picked up were Rit. Good luck with the messy fun!