Thursday, November 26, 2009

Make a cuppa...

I've got a lot to tell you.

Firstly an update on the skin graft.
Not so good.

The donor site has healed up nicely but my nose has been extremely slow to heal & one part of it has not taken but instead will need to heal from the bottom up, so I'm hoping the result will still be good.
I asked 3 of my nursing colleagues to take a look to see what they thought of my wound on Tuesday, each of them pulled a face & said 'it doesn't look good'. So I raced in to Carlton for the plastic surgeons reaction & she said 'it doesn't look too bad' & she is still confident of a good time.

Next, after the 45 mls of rain we had dumped onto us on Sunday part of the front yard collapsed. We had seen a small subsidence but after the rain a large pit emerged. I was a bit disappointed as the front yard was looking so good.
After a phone call to Western Water they came & fixed it as good as new, filling in the hole with 1/2 a metre of soil, pine bark & tuscan pebbles. I could barely see the repair & was very impressed with how prompt & helpful they had been. Seems paying your bills on time is good karma.

I notched up 10 years service at the hospital & was recognised with several others at the AGM, receiving a 10 year pin & 2 champagne glasses...worth sitting through the boring speeches for! Bring on the long service leave!

In other news, my nephew escaped his mother's grasp & flew to Darwin to pedal home on a long & arduous journey. Follow their journey on their blog.

I've other news about Erin's transition to secondary school but I'll leave that for another post. You probably need another cuppa now! I would've liked to add some photos but someone has knocked off the camera - I didn't even get a chance to take pics of the front yard before it was fixed.

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  1. Bugger about the nose taking a while to heal Jo. And anything "out of the ordinary" on your face always makes you feel awkward. Hope its on the mend now. Keep smiling and no one will notice a thing!