Monday, December 12, 2016

The heart attack...

The day I played the Ladies Tennis Tournament my Big Sister messaged me to say her husband had had a heart attack and she had been called into the Emergency Dept. I was a bit shocked at this news but went on to play and win a trophy.
I waited for updates and snippets of news came via text during the day, people have heart attacks all the time but the way it had unfolded turned out to be a remarkable story.

Seems his day started off as usual and he walked a short distance from his home to the nearby train station but then collapsed on the platform. Bystanders came to his aid and commenced CPR and an ambulance called. Intubation and more CPR followed as he was transported to hospital, the same hospital that he normally works at but had a city meeting to attend that morning instead. Still unconscious he was taken to the cath lab where stents were to be inserted. The ED staff had contacted my sister  and she rushed to be with him. Examination showed stents were not a viable treatment and he was quickly taken into emergency theatre to have Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts. An eventful week in ICU was to follow and after 6 days he finally woke to make a recovery.

Because he had not been awake to answer any questions the search began to find those first responders. By the power of a facebook plea entered by his niece, pieces of the story started to come together. Local and Melbourne radio picked up the story and the locals who had stepped in so quickly were identified and thanked.

CPR save lives.
Early CPR gives people the best chance of survival. We are so grateful that those people knew what to do and put their CPR training into action.

He is recovering at home now with my relieved sister and niece, looking forward to Christmas celebrations and we are grateful that this story had a wonderful outcome.

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