Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Running for women...

team JAM
Sunday saw we 3 running friends tackle our last running challenge as a threesome for the year.
 We went all out in pink in the Carman's  Womens Fun Run. Previously sponsored by Sussans and now Carman the muesli lady, we ran our last half marathon to raise money for breast cancer.

The weather was forecast for a very warm 34 degrees so we were lucky to have started early and finished by 10am. Later in the day wind and thunderstorms tried to spoil a good day.

I struggled with the 21.1 km course and feel tired at the end of this big year but I'm glad to be still running

we found the Running Diva leader Erica after the run
 Even though it was tough I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Plans are afoot for next year.

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