Friday, October 21, 2016

Virtual racing...

We love a bit of medal bling and are building up quite a collection. Not as many as some but I now have 17 hanging on a hook. I like to flick through some times remembering the races and the circumstances that got me to that point. I particularly like the first one, the Mothers Day Classic where running 4km was a mammoth goal. And now on top of the pile is my latest marathon where running 42.2km was achieved.

I would like to add some different medals to my collection and we are looking further afield to do this. Before the year is out I will add the City 2 Sea (15k) and perhaps the Carmens Womens Fun Run half marathon (formerly the Sussans Womens)

We are also going to support an indigenous marathon project and participate in a virtual run.

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) is an Australian charity organisation that provides an opportunity for Indigenous men and women to complete the New York Marathon, inspiring a nation and encouraging healthy and active lifestyles.

We have chosen to run 100km in November and by doing so we will help raise some funds and get another medal. If you click on the link you will get the details and see that you can choose any distance to cover, you don't have to run it all but you will feel mighty good at the end.

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