Friday, November 11, 2016


Just when you think life is cruising along nicely something is thrown up at you that you don't expect.

Sunday morning I hopped into my car to head off for a run and thought the car felt a little off. Then when I felt a jolt instead of reversing out of the driveway I got out to look around. Maybe I had a flat tyre... no, I was missing a wheel.

I was completely gob smacked. Stunned. In disbelief.

The wheel was ...gone.

How could this happen??

I went back in and told Chris. He was also could not believe what I was saying.

Overnight someone had very quietly jacked up my locked car and taken the wheel complete with the wheel nuts, left the jack in place and went away.

We never heard a thing.

Several tricky manoeuvres later, reminiscent from a scene in 'The Castle', we Chris secured the spare with a nut from each of the remaining wheels and moved it out of the way.

The police were also a little bemused by the situation. There has been thefts and break ins but this was the only wheelie crime reported lately. Seems someone needed an Astra wheel more than I did.

A running friend offered to talk to his mate at the wreckers who knew someone who could get a rim for me this week. As I handed over my money the thought that I might be buying back my own property crossed my mind. When I get a new tyre for the replacement rim and some lock nuts the 'incident' will be over.

And we can go back to the uneventful life thanks

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