Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The good weekend...

running the marathon was just a part of my bloody good weekend.  I was able to enjoy some luxury at the Sofitel and eat my way through the weekend.

I went into the city with Running Buddy and her hubbie so didn't even have to drive or worry about parking and then was treated like a queen when we arrived. The staff were very efficient and attentive and greeted us with a Bonjour or Bonsoir Madame and made me feel very fancy. Up on the 47th floor the view blew me away.

Even the bed was luxurious as the view. Being so close to the start line was a great idea and it meant we were close again after the event to recover without travelling.

After settling in we met for a drink and a snack before heading out to our early dinner.

 The girls had been to Gazi before so were able to off insight into how to proceed
dips to share

melt in your mouth beef souvlaki

the ceiling is covered in terracotta pots

to finish a Brest and coffee
After the race Hayley and Ben took me to a pub in Richmond and I didn't feel at all out of place in my singlet, race bib and medal. I was sweaty, salt encrusted and wind blown, but happy.

After a soak in the bath and a rest we headed out to try Hayley's favourite Mamasita for some authentic Mexican food. We were lucky we walked in at the right moment so didn't have to wait for a table and were able to plonk our weary bodies down. In our post marathon state we couldn't make a decision so went with the waitress' suggestions and were again satisfied.

We had an early night again and made a plan to have breakfast together after check out. Right behind the Sofitel is Cumulus Inc which we had walked past the night before and thought it looked good. This time are timing was a little off and waited about 10 minutes to be seated but then enjoyed a late breakfast among the hip city people. Of course the conversation always returned to the marathon or our plans for the next one.

It was a beautiful weekend doing what I love to do in a style I could become accustomed to.

Now back to reality.

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  1. Great milestone and fantastic weekend with awesome friend xo