Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Pushing through...

In my constant reading and researching I found an article that really gelled with me. After my complaining about the bad run I was made to realize it is all part of the growth process.

Jeff Gaudette says in his article:
Consequently, when the race gets tough, the athlete questions their ability and their training as opposed to accepting the challenge and realizing pushing through the pain is a part of racing.

What you can do

Prepare yourself mentally. Don’t head into the race telling yourself that somehow this race is going to be different.

Be prepared for it to hurt, but remember that you’ve trained yourself to push through this exact situation.

Visualize the race during your training runs or while meditating and picture yourself hitting that point in the race when your body starts to hurt. Recall those feelings from your last race or hard workout and then visualize yourself pushing through that moment.

By preparing yourself mentally, you’ll be ready to face the realities of the race.

Instead of wanting to give up I have to try to push through the hurt so when it inevitably gets tough I can be tougher.

It can be done.

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