Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's with the weather?...

Training has been proving difficult with this continuing hot weather we have been having in Victoria. Coupled with the high humidity we have been struggling along in clocking up the kilometres. But we usually don't let it put us off unless it is around 40 degrees. Running in high humidity is a new experience for us and has seen us dripping with sweat and desperate for a drink.
Tennis has also been difficult also. As we were running on Friday night I kept thinking to's just hot, it's just hot and maybe this is the conditions we will come across on the Gold Coast. And I have had chafing in some new and interesting places. One particular pair of shorts were banished until this morning when I thought I might still be able to wear them over full length compression tights.

Next run coming up next Sunday, the Run 4 Kids in the city.

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