Sunday, February 28, 2016

Another week of running...

and not much else.

But training has been going well. We did 8k on Monday backing up Sunday's River Run and it felt good. Next up was 16km around our own river 3 k track. I was not keen on doing 6 laps of the same track but in the end it was a really good run.

Running Buddy has warned me that my tennis days will be over if I hurt myself while playing and I had a close call when I stumbled backwards after doing a burpee and landed on my bum, I did the absolutely wrong thing by putting my hands out to save myself, an instinct that is hard not to do. The result was only some bruising on my hands and coccyx. If I had broken my arms I could have still run, albeit looking more like a gimp, in plaster. Embarrassment was my biggest injury.

Luckily it didn't stop us running on and enjoying another event today.

We joined the Goding's Kubota team in our orange team T shirts and ran 10km in the Wyndham Rotary Fun Run. We have done this run before and enjoy the challenging course.

kicking back after the run

we are becoming known for our love of orange
34km run this week and as of this week the runs start to get longer

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