Saturday, March 19, 2016

Old anxieties...

The old anxiety about car parking has reared its ugly head today. Fore warned about road closures for tomorrow's Run 4 the Kids event have reminded me of how I used to feel before a big event. I've got the training down, the gear sorted and the fuelling okay and for the last couple of years I've had the car parking sorted as well. But this year's event clashes with The Grand Prix, the Garden Show and something called the Arnold Classic (!)  & means they have closed roads and access from 5am. I'm reassurred a little by Running Buddy's knowledge of the city and alternatives to my Book a Bay booked spot. Wilson Parking's Book a Bay has been my life and sanity saver knowing a reserved car park, pre paid and reasonably priced, has made events in the city very manageable. We haven't had so many messages back and forth for a long time.

But I will not be able to relax until my little car is parked in the city somewhat near to our event. The race itself will be a blast

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  1. I'm sure all will go well! good luck tomorrow. Louise