Sunday, February 14, 2016

Plans and goals...

all running related of course.

The 3 of us are constantly researching and reading to get as much information as we can about this running caper.
Mel has found a half marathon along the Barwon River that fits in nicely to our schedule and Running Buddy suggested the Great Ocean Road half marathon in May. They cooked up this plan while they were running while I was at tennis. Once I looked at the training program and realised that we were up to running 20-25 kms at that point I was in.

Sometimes the plans we make sound like a great idea but when it comes to the actual running part, my imagination doesn't match my effort. This week did not match my intention. Monday started off well with a good 10k down to the Avenue (the newly installed toilet block is like an insurance policy, now I know it's there I haven't needed it) but on Wednesday after work I struggled to do 5k. It was meant to be a fast 7k but I couldn't keep it up. We threw in some fartlek so it wasn't a total waste.
Then on Saturday for Parkrun I had in my mind that would be my fast day but again couldn't manage it.
Looking forward to today, the morning was cooler and the 14k slow run seemed doable but alas it was not to be for me. The girls ran on to finish an impressive 16k and I could only complete 12.

Running Buddy is concerned about the view from behind, but it looks great

still smiling after 16k

Adding in some formal events into the training plan helps us to keep fresh over the next 20 weeks and hopefully will stop my overactive mind ruling my muscles.

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