Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tennis is back Pilates is not....

Congratulations to my Pilates teacher Karen on the birth of her first baby, a son named Edward. My intention to keep stretching at home has fizzled out without her direction. Kaz said she would be back soon but I hope she enjoys being at home with little Eddie for quite a while.

We had a really good game of tennis on Thursday night, we just had one week off for Easter but it felt like ages and it was really good to get back into it. A win for Paul and I (our first as a partnership) and a close loss for John and I.

Next weekend a new adventure for Running Buddy and I as we prepare for our first city trail run.

And I saw that the injured cyclist recovered to compete in National waterskiing championships and win several of her age divisions. Good recovery Lucy, well done.

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