Monday, April 6, 2015

Hayley moved out...

I am slowly reclaiming the house after Hayley moved out.  She found a one bedroom flat in Ascot Vale so will be close to her job in the city and her friends. The first time for her living on her own, and she is liking it already.

Amazingly it next door to a block of flats that Big Sister lived in about 35 years ago.

We packed up her small amount of furniture and belongings and helped her settle in. I am resisting the urge to take over and fix things up for her. She is now beginning to feel grown up as she organises things for herself and establishes herself as an independent person. Erin was asking what would be left for her to take when she moves out. My mind cannot comprehend that concept just yet but I reassured her that there would be just as much help for her as there has been for Hayley. For Callum too if and when he is ready to be independent.

She is such a gorgeous girl and we will miss her big presence in the house everyday. Somehow I feel differently than I did when she lived locally. This is a different feeling than when she was overseas for all that time too. This feels a bit more permanent than previous arrangements and I need to step back and appreciate the job we have done as parents to get her to this point and to recognise her part in it as well.

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